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With over 20 years experience as a tattoo artist and shop owner, Dee is the brains behind Peacock’s Tattoo and Inktrain Tattoo Supplies. He is an award winning artist with many featured articles in leading tattoo publications. Dee has a client roster peppered with Rock stars, professional athletes and everyday badasses.

jarrod dunn

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Hi, my name is Jarrod Dunn. I love creating artwork with all types of mediums. I like making music, and enjoy playing drums. I like tattooing traditional type style tattoos, and enjoy tattooing script lettering. if you like my work, please stop by and get a tattoo.

alaina gillyard

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Alaina is a Tattoo artist from Green Cove Springs Florida. Alaina served her apprenticeship at Peacock’s Tattoos, and still continues creating beautiful works of art there. Aside from tattooing, Alaina enjoys painting and other art mediums as well.


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Better known as Dro, with more than 10 years of experience, Dro is a Puerto Rican tattoo artist, passionate about art in all forms, creating a very varied and unique style when tattooing.  Dro can work very well with all styles of tattoo, but is best known for doing great black and gray pieces and realism, Dro has worked in Allentown PA, Flemington NJ, Philadelphia PA, Redding PA, Hartford CT, Orlando FL and now in Jacksonville Fl for the last 4 years.  One of his favorite hobbies is doing graffiti since he was a teenager. He works most of the time by appointment and attends clients in English or Spanish according to their needs.Instagram: dro_styles


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Meet the captivating Colombian tattoo artist whose of the fine line style is only rivaled by their boundless passion for the art. With each delicate stroke of their needle, this artist transforms skin into a canvas, weaving stories and emotions into every line they craft. Their work is a testament to the fusion of technique and heart, a harmonious dance that results in tattoos that are not just ink on skin, but living, breathing works of art. Instagram: jhormoink


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Malicia has had a passion for creating art her entire life, and after receiving her first tattoo, felt she was fated to be in the tattoo industry. Malicia attended college at The Art Institute of Jacksonville and graduated with honors in 2014. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, majoring in both animation and graphic design. Her background allows her to have an appreciation for all tattoo art styles, from old school traditional, neo-traditional, photo realism, grey wash, stippling, high detail/fine line, trash polka, to colorful abstract, and watercolor, so she is always up for a challenge! Her love of various artistic mediums, diverse range of tattoo styles, and over 10+ years experience in the field give her tattooing a very unique edge. Malicia’s customer service background makes her well suited to both seasoned tattoo collectors and first timers. Malicia loves to create art and inspire others, contact her today and book your next appointment Instagram: theinkdoll

daniel christian

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Daniel is a tattoo artist from Jacksonville Florida. After completing his apprenticeship under dee peacock, Daniel continues to work at Peacock’s tattoos. Making personal connections and meaningful moments and memories is his end of the day goal. You can check out his work on instagram at dan_christ21.

I love the peacock tattoo that they did on me

Lizz Holzwarth

My boyfriend and I went in and got matching tattoos. Everyone was so nice and professional, and our tattoos came out perfect.

Tiffany Bryant

“ I love-Love-Love the tattoo I got from there.

Peyton Malouin

I’ve been going to Peacock’s for over 20 years for tattoos. Very clean and professionally run business.

Mike Townsend

Peacock's Tattoo Apprenticeship program



Peacock’s Tattoo has many homegrown tattoo artists working in its studio, a fact that we take great pride in! Many of our artists started with zero tattooing experience but had strong art portfolios and an attitude of dedication to learning the craft. Our friendly studio environment and unique progressive mentoring methods expedite progress and maximize success. At Peacock’s Tattoo, we develop our apprentices into talented stand-alone industry professionals who contribute to the tattoo community.

We get to know our apprentices, learn about what makes them tick and where their interests and skills lie and initiate evolving discussions about what they want to achieve. Learning the art of tattooing isn’t the quickest process. We take a holistic approach to ensure all our artists understand and are competent in the fundamentals of linework, blackwork, packing, shading, dot work, and all combinations of techniques that produce an outstanding tattoo artist. We do expect all apprentices to master the fundamentals of all practices to a good standard so that they can undertake any tattoo independently.


Peacock’s Tattoo receives lots of emails daily from individuals looking for tattoo apprenticeships, so when you contact us, show us what you’re capable of with examples of your artwork! Here’s how to make your application stand out!

Demonstration of your artistic ability is a fundamental prerequisite. We want to see links to your online portfolios, social media platforms, and photographs of at least 10 of your best pieces of artwork. In your email, we also need you to demonstrate your ability to listen effectively, follow guidance and instruction, and tell us why you are passionate about pursuing a career in the industry.


– Strong Artistic Portfolio

– Passionate About Pursuing A Career In The Industry

– Ability To Listen And Follow Guidance

– Appreciation For The Industry and artists


 Please send your portfolio to Be sure to include a bit about yourself and why you want to apprentice at Peacock’s Tattoo. We look forward to hearing from you.

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